Part of our overall ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) strategy, our Diversity and Inclusion Steering Council (DISC) was formed to fuel changes within the fabric of our culture. DISC ensures the voices of diverse associates and allies are amplified. We encourage involvement, regardless of your background, and strive to build relationships that embrace our differences. We value all perspectives and learn from one another to raise the level of our collective consciousness.

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What you do here matters.

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Simple yet complex, diversity is, “otherness.” It is a range of human differences inclusive of but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability or attributes, national origin, and social class.

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Let’s be honest, being equal and fair is not always straightforward. There are times when people need different treatment to make their opportunities the same as another’s. This is called equity. Equity can also be described as freedom from bias or favoritism.

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Inclusion is ongoing, blind kindness. It is the achievement of an environment where people who might otherwise feel excluded or marginalized are treated fairly, respectfully, and have equal access to opportunities and resources.

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Why is DEI
important to Aspida?

Teams that place an importance on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are more likely to constantly reexamine facts and remain objective. They also encourage greater scrutiny of each member’s actions, keeping their joint cognitive resources sharp and vigilant. Unlike workplaces with teams of people with similar backgrounds, diverse teams bring diverse solutions to the table. This tapestry of ideas leads to more informed decision-making, improved results, and faster problem solving.

Building a Brighter Future

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Partner with our local diverse communities.

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Create internal and external mentorship opportunities.

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Expand intern recruitment to include HBCUs.

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Ensure team diversity at all levels.

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Invite guest speakers to discuss DEI topics.

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Cement DEI’s influence when creating long-term business strategies.

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